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Cochin Tourist Destinations - Marine Drive, Cochin

Marine Drive, Cochin -

Walk by the breezy Marine Drive on summer nights and you will see the joy of visiting Cochin. Also called the Shanmugham Road, Marine Drive is indeed the heart of Cochin. Besides being the recreational area of the city, Marine Drive is also a significant economic center of Cochin. With bustling activities and increasing tourist interest the Marine Drive has become a major attraction in Cochin. This long winding road, facing the backwaters and lying by the seacoast of Cochin is a sight you shall remember all your life.Enjoy the sunrise that light up your existence and sunset that marks a new beginning with its brilliant splash of colors at the Marine Drive in Cochin. Your trip to Cochin will be incomplete without a visit to the Marine Drive.

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English : When is the next boat to Bolgatty?

Malayalam : Bolgatty ilekkulla next boat eppozha?


English : How much is the fare for ticket?

Malayalam : Ticket charge ethreya?


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