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Cochin Tourist Destinations - Kodungallur


Kodungallur, situated on the west coast of India, was once a great port of the Chera rulers of Tamilnadu. It was known by the Greek as as the Musris. Until the great floods of 1341 AD, it was the most important sea port of west coast. It was also the capital of Chera empire. The trading contacts of this port with the Roman Empire, Arabia and China from the Pre-Christian era resulted in the formation of the earliest Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities in Indian sub continent. According to the legend of St.Thomas,  Christianity arrived in Kodungallur in AD 52. By A.D 69 Jews persecuted by the Roman Empire also reached here. The Jews shifted to cochin only after the destruction of the port in 1341. Islam also arrived along with Arabian merchants. Legend says that Cheraman Perumal, the last Emperor of Chera Dynasty accepted Islam and left for Mecca.

Kodungallur is considered as the cradle of Christianity in India. In AD 52, the very first Christian church in India was constructed by Saint Thomas at a palace called Maliyenkara in Kodungallur.  It is said to be the place where St. Thomas first preached Christianity in India. Azheekode is the present harbour area near Kodungallur, which recalls the ancient Muziris harbour. The foundation stone for a new church here was laid on 13-9-1953.

The first mosque in India (built in 662 AD) is situated in Methala, 2 km from Kodungalloor.  The Cheraman Juma Masjid was built by Malik bin Dinar, one of the 13 followers of Prophet Mohammad who reached the ancient port of Musuris on the spice route in Malabar in 629 AD.

Kodungallur Bhagavati temple is a unique temple dedicated to the goddess Bhadrakali. The temple is situated in the middle of a plot of land about ten acres, surrounded by banyan and peepal trees. The srikovil is facing north. The western chamber of the inner temple is the seat of Sapthamatrukas (seven mothers) who also face north. The idols of Ganapathi and Veerabhadra are also found in the chamber, one facing east and the other facing west respectively. The idol of bhagawati is about six feet high and made of wood, carved from a jack fruit tree. The idol has eight arms which carry various weapons and symbols.

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